The ministry of Rippling Hope plans, leads, sponsors, and helps to resource Mission Trip Projects in a variety of settings around the country. These projects are available for individuals, congregations and other organizations (colleges, businesses, fraternities, sororities, and many more organizations).Through work projects experienced first hand and relationships formed on mission trips, people of all ages will learn that by reaching out to their sisters and brothers in need, they will not only change their lives, but also will powerfully effect the lives of those they serve.With our many partnerships, our goal will be to serve the least---the lost---the lonely. We will connect and assist those who have the resources to partner with those who need help. We will be instruments of hope for those who despair due to the circumstances of their lives--to those that are effected by injustice, poverty and disaster. For the many who despair because they feel that there is nothing they can do to make a difference in the world, Rippling Hope provides opportunities to learn that there is indeed something positive they can do, and our projects help them experience the joy and hope that comes from service.Rippling Hope will provide participants the opportunity to learn that through lives of service a person makes a great difference in the world. People will be given the chance to explore God's call to service in their own life, and what it means to live out "loving their neighbor"

Rippling Hope Staff and Board

Rev. Carl E. Zerweck, III, Executive Director

Carl is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Carl served for 9 ½ years as the Director of Disciples Volunteering for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Prior to that he served in pastoral ministry, first for 11 years as Assoc. Pastor at Community Christian Church, Richardson, TX, and then for 5 years as Pastor of Disciples Christian Church, Plano, TX. He has also served as the Executive Director of Plano Area Habitat For Humanity. Over the course of the past 35 years, Carl has been involved in starting 3 Habitat For Humanity organizations, and has helped build 30+ Habitat homes around the country, in addition to 15 new church builds and rebuilds. Volunteer mission work has been central to his life and ministry for 30 years. Carl has personally lead or participated in 100+ mission trips and projects. His passion is working for justice, building, working with volunteers and seeing how handson mission transforms lives and changes the world!

Robin Zerweck, Administrator and Hospitality Director

Robin has been an active layperson in Disciples of Christ congregations all of her adult life. She served for 5 years as the Hospitality Coordinator of Disciples Volunteering for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Prior to that, for almost 20 years, she was a small business owner of her own Nail Salon in Plano, TX. Robin shares her gift of hospitality by providing the behind the scenes support needed to work and serve with volunteers in mission settings. She has a passion for helping others and loves cooking for groups and seeing the effect that their work has on others!



Jeff Kerns, Board President, Disciples of Christ Layperson, Des Moines, IA
Debby McGinnis, Board Secretary, Disciples of Christ Layperson, Detroit, MI
Don Fleischmann, Board Treasurer, Disciples of Christ Layperson, Detroit, MI
Carole Enwright, Disciples of Christ Layperson, Detroit, MI
Lisa Jeffreys, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Layperson, Chelsea, MI
Rev. Kelly Gindlesberger, Past President, Disciples of Christ Pastor, Ulysses, KS
Bill Kabrich, Past President, Disciples/UCC Layperson, Yakima, WA
Joe Gwynn, Disciples of Christ Layperson, Detroit, MI
Rev. Brice Hughes, United Church of Christ Pastor, Burlington, IA
Oliver Cole, Neighborhood Association Leader, Detroit, MI
Bryan Ferguson, Neighborhood Association Leader, Detroit, MI
Reene Ferguson, Neighborhood Association Leader, Detroit, MI
Jesse Stephenson, Disciples of Crhist Layperson, Virginia Beach, VA


The Rippling Hope Board of Directors meets every other month via teleconference. There are three working committees that comprise the Board: Administration, Projects/Partnerships and Development.


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